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4 Ways Gaming Was Definitely Better in the 90s


4 Ways Gaming Was Definitely Better in the 90s

A trip down memory lane.

For many gamers who have been around the block a few times, we were raised in the gaming heyday of the 90s. Because of that, these gamers very often seem like the nostalgic old folks who won’t stop waxing poetic of the golden years, when everything was perfect and nothing hurt.

But while some of the moments of the 90s – frayed controller cords, deleted save files, and some of the most rage-inducing games of all time – may be less than fun in retrospect, what will never be lost is the reality that being a gamer in the 90s was one of the best times to be alive. Here are some things that every 90s gamer will remember, and hopefully never forget, about this fantastic moment in gaming history.


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