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Evolve Guide: How to Play as the Goliath


Evolve Guide: How to Play as the Goliath

Don’t mess with the Goliath.

The Goliath was the first monster revealed for Evolve and it certainly lives up to its name. The Goliath is a big, hulking beast that’s capable of dealing massive damage to unsuspecting hunters. At stage 1, it starts off small and fast. But as it evolves into its latter stages, the Goliath quickly becomes an aggressive tank that can take its fair share of hits before it goes down.

While the Goliath can’t do anything quite as fancy as raining electric jolts down onto its enemies like the Kraken, or sneak around as effectively as the Wraith, you can be damn sure that it’s a vicious beast that can tear you apart.

In Evolve, the Goliath’s has four different moves that you can put your skill points into: Rock Throw, Leap Smash, Fire Breath, and Charge. Just taking a quick glance at these four moves, you can tell that the Goliath specializes in getting up close and personal with the hunters. Without a doubt, this is a monster that you wouldn’t want to be trapped in an enclosed area with.

If the idea of getting all up in your opponents’ faces and throwing them around as you absorb a ton of damage sounds enticing to you, read on, and learn more about the Goliath’s aggressive play style.

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