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Evolve Guide: How to Play as the Wraith


Evolve Guide: How to Play as the Wraith

We’re singin’ in the Wraith, just singin’ in the Wraith.

As Evolve lumbered towards launch in all its horn-covered fury we were bombarded with images of the imposing Goliath and the tentacled Kraken so much that we forgot something. Many forgot that Evolve was launched with three different monsters rather than a paltry two. Luckily Turtle Rock didn’t forget as we came upon the delightful sneakiness of Evolve’s third monster – the shadowy Wraith. She might not have the power to make small children cry or big men scream at a glance but she hides within her something far worse. She’ll kill you and your friends one by one while the last one standing is none the wiser.

The Goliath is terrifying and the Kraken is weird-looking. That’s the two first reactions you’ll normally find briskly popping into the mind of those who look upon them. When you look at a Wraith though, your mind can’t help but wander to wondering just how this thing is supposed to be as powerful as her brothers. The answer is she isn’t, and that’s what makes her ten times scarier.

The Wraith in Evolve is not something to be taken lightly. She’ll succumb quickly to a hail of gunfire, that’s for sure, but she’s just as likely to kill half your team before you even realize you can’t smell Daisy’s Trapjaw backside any more. Kraken players prefer to harry their opponents from afar while Goliath players rip them apart three at a time in close combat. Those who choose to play as the Wraith, however, take heed: learn her strengths and weaknesses before molding them into a weapon which, when used correctly, can kill a whole slew of hunters in the blink of an eye.

If the idea of playing as a stealthy and sneaky floating snake of a creature with 10 foot blades sounds like your kind of Tuesday then get yourself onto the next page as we present to you a guide for how to play as the Wraith in Evolve.

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