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Evolve Guide: How to Play the Trapper Class


Evolve Guide: How to Play the Trapper Class

It’s a trap!

The Trapper hunter probably has the biggest responsibility out of all the hunters in Evolve. It is also, in my opinion, the hardest class to master. As the Trapper, your job is to track down the monster, restrict its movement, and throw up that iconic mobile arena to prevent it from escaping.

The Trapper hunters’ shared ability is the mobile arena, which is essentially a large dome that stops the monster from leaving the area. It’s especially useful when you’ve got the monster down to its last sliver of health and it’s trying to make a quick escape. The key is knowing when to set up the arena; using it carelessly could trap your teammates in a prison as the monster happily leaps away from you and your party.

That isn’t even the hardest part of the Trapper’s job, though. As the Trapper, you’re also tasked with determining which direction the monster’s headed in, and getting your party close enough to start dealing damage to it.

By now, you can probably gather that the Trapper class plays an extremely vital role in Evolve, perhaps more so than the other classes. Without a good Trapper, your party could spend the first 10 minutes of Hunt mode wandering around, never engaging the monster. And while you’re wandering in circles, the monster could continue feeding and evolve to stage 3 before proceeding to decimate your entire party.

If you’re playing on the side of the hunters, you’ll probably want to avoid that scenario. So let’s take a closer look at the three different Trapper characters.

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