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Evolve Guide: How to Play the Assault Class


Evolve Guide: How to Play the Assault Class

That’s like putting Assault into the wound.

In Evolve, Hunters have to work together to win. It’s just a fact of the game’s systems. No single Hunter is capable of taking down a Monster like the Wraith even in its weakest form. A team of players has to work together, using their abilities in synergy to bring down whichever hulking beast they are pitted against. All four of the classes have an important focus and the Assault is no different.

When taking down a Monster in Evolve, the team has to ensure they all stay alive while also dealing enough damage to the creature to put an end to its murderous rampage. This is where the Assault comes into his own. Assault characters are not nuanced like the Medics nor do they hold the hands of their peers as the Support characters do. Trappers focus upon forcing a Monster to stay in one place while the Assault focuses 100% of its attention on a simple task – putting the Monster into their (rather large) grave.

Each of the three different Assault characters does this in their own special way. They don’t ever stray from this task though. An Assault character is not a finely sharpened scalpel for surgical slaughter, it is like taking Hulk and giving him a couple of shotguns for hands while replacing his buttcheeks with a pair of Claymore mines. He is the embodiment of damage dealing and singular focus. While he must protect his comrades, his skills are all tuned to assist him in his role rather than keep friends alive.

All of the Assault characters share one ability in their Personal Shields. These work much like the shield some Support classes are able to imbue fellow Hunters with in Evolve but they’re not targeted. The Personal Shield of an Assault protects him and only him from damage. While they can be heavily drained or broken, the Personal Shield can last for up to 10 seconds with a 30 second cooldown period. It is best used when the Monster is right up in your face and you’re preparing to throw out your powerful close ranged attack. It can also be used when you are downed to keep you alive for longer while fellow Hunters come to your aid.

As we’ve said a couple of times already, there are different versions of Evolve‘s Assault class, so let’s go through each of those.

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