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Evolve Guide: How to Play as the Kraken


Evolve Guide: How to Play as the Kraken

Unleash the Krake… oh wait that’s wrong.

The name Kraken has long stood in our mythology as a great beast. A creature which hides beneath the sea and tears apart boats with massive tentacles, the fear of such an animal has quickened the heartbeat of many a sailor since time immemorial. In Evolve, the Kraken is not some creature that hides beneath the shimmering skin of the water. Instead, it is a hovering beast capable of controlling the element of lightning to bring electrocuting death to anyone who would dare stand before it.

It’s still got tentacles though, loads of them.

The Kraken of Evolve stands on something of a middle ground between its siblings. Its brother the Goliath is a hulking monster who is happiest when throwing Hunters back and forth through the air, while its slender sister the Wraith picks off opponents one by one in a whirling dervish of bladed limbs. Kraken don’t delight in the wonders of melee combat like their Goliath brethren, yet their stealthy capabilities don’t quite match up to those of Wraith. It exists primarily as a long-ranged menace.

When floating, the Kraken’s basic attack launches jolts of electricity at opponents who are often too busy looking up into the skies to realize they’re about to lose their footing. Some of its other abilities fit this modus operandi well, with Lightning Strike and Banshee Mines capable of dealing significant hurt onto whoever should dare oppose this beast of the skies.

Enough of this dilly-dallying around though. You’re not here to read some serenade to the Kraken, although it might kill you last if you sing to it. You’re presence has arrives at this guide because you desire to tear your enemies to pieces with lightning strikes not even Zeus could stand against. So let’s get started.

Release the Kraken (that’s the first and last time we say that, promise).

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