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Dying Light Gets Recreated in a Pretty Accurate Short Live-Action Film


Dying Light Gets Recreated in a Pretty Accurate Short Live-Action Film

Harran as real as can be.

Dying Light’s Harran is a city torn to pieces; there are zombies everywhere, only a few safe spots, and the sense that not even human beings can be completely trusted. It’s the shadow of what once may have been a pretty important city and, most of all, a perfect setting for a zombie apocalypse. Either in the slums or in Sector 0, the deserted streets, broken buildings and abandoned cars create a very desolate playground, ideal for running and climbing.

Among several features, parkour is definitely the essence of Dying Light’s gameplay. It’s one of the reasons why the game is a lot of fun and the key motivation to go back to Harran, even when you have already finished the game. There’s an overall sense of speed and freedom that can’t be easily matched by other open world games.

Additionally, If there’s one thing that can be said about Dying Light is how great it looks. The game’s visual quality really makes Harran pop out of the screen and seem incredibly real, which enhances the whole game experience.

These, some of the most important features in Dying Light, can now be seen in The Last Supply Drop, a surprisingly accurate short live-action film. This short video recreates a supply drop, one of the real-time random events players witness in Dying Light, to show the dangers of being a runner. The Last Supply Drop doesn’t only give an accurate Harran-like feeling, but also portraits some of the skills, traps and abilities players have while being Dying Light’s main character.

To be honest, I was really expecting it to be longer, and even include some of the special zombies, but it’s pretty good anyway. Moreover, It made me want to go back to Dying Light, which means its mission was accomplished.

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