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Watch Dying Light’s Features Come Together in an Interactive Video


Watch Dying Light’s Features Come Together in an Interactive Video

Death doesn’t really care about day and night.

Besides being a great game (and one of the best released in 2015 so far), Dying Light has had a very diverse and interesting PR campaign. From the usual stuff to a short live-action film, Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have done a lot to highlight how good this game is.

From zombies and parkour, to weapon crafting and day/night cycles, the gaming community was shown what the game is about in tiny bits. Now, gamers are able to enjoy what the whole Dying Light experience looks like with an interactive video called Life and Death in the Quarantine Zone.

To be honest, interactive may be kind of an overstatement: by holding a key you can switch from night to day. Nonetheless, it’s a very interesting way to see how everything is affected by the day/night cycle, including zombie types, random events, and even mob distribution. Moreover, players can get a sneak peek of some skills and weapons.

The best thing about the video is that it really shows how amazing Harran is, concerning visual quality and architectural design. Besides looking great, Life and Death in the Quarantine Zone shows the way in which the city was built to leverage the parkour feature. Harran feels huge and intricate, which is definitely reflected in the freedom Dying Light gives to its players.

As I’ve said before, there are many things Dying Light does right, and this new interactive video shows how it all comes together. Even though the game has some flaws, it really delivers a truly entertaining experience based on freedom, zombie-smashing and great visuals. Good omens for a promising year.

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