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Dying Light Is Getting Hard Mode


Dying Light Is Getting Hard Mode

Dying Light is set to have a bunch of free expansions with one of them confirmed to be Hard Mode, what can you expect from this update? Find out here…

Dying Light developers Techland have decided to follow up the release of their first person zombie thriller with a series of free expansion packs. Coming in March, is the addition of ‘Hard Mode’ that will feature a more brutal environment immersed with vicious enemies especially in nighttime scenarios. Fewer resources, lesser scavenge opportunities will force players to rely on stealth and silence in order to remain alive.

Producer Tymon Smektala states:

“A few gamers have already finished Dying Light and are asking for more. So we’re going to give our community a new challenge that will put everything they learnt in the game to the test. Hard Mode is exactly that.”

Smektala also pondered on how ‘brutal’ to make this new game mode, but there are also other updates this expansion will bring. With further improvements to gameplay and character updates, this free update will also be available on all platforms, including Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Techland have also publicly stated their desire for players to mode Dying Light with modding tools for PC to be released in the near future along with an array of paid expansions. For more information about Dying Light, check out our review of the latest zombie survival game.

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