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How to Survive Dying Light: A Combat Guide


How to Survive Dying Light: A Combat Guide

Enemies are upon you. Be prepared!

Dying Light‘s Humans

Humans are much smarter in combat than zombies, but they can also prove to be more fragile.

Dying Light has been out for nearly a week with its parkour take on action survival horror. Around every turn is a new threat for you to either avoid or meet head-on. One would think that in a game whose advertising seemed to focus on the walking dead you wouldn’t find yourself up against too many humans. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that there are quite a few humans who would like nothing more than to remove your pretty little head from your shoulders.

Dying Light not only pits you against zombies but also against an enemy human faction controlled by Rais, one of the primary antagonists, hell bent on controlling everything in the city of Harran. They can be a serious threat if you approach combat in the wrong way. The human enemies come in three distinct varieties. You have your melee, throwing weapons, and firearm-equipped humans to look out for. Luckily they are much easier to dispatch than your typical zombie adversary.

In order to take out any of Rais’s men you will only need a few things. Firstly, a stock of molotov cocktails will keep any humans at bay. Unlike the already dead, humans don’t have a strong resistance to being covered in flames. A well placed bottle of fire can clear out an entire group of unsuspecting humans. Only other thing you may require is a firearm for those human enemies in Dying Light who happen to be equipped with assault rifles. There is nothing like a well placed headshot to quickly eliminate an enemy.

Humans are much more aggressive than their zombie counterparts but luckily they have nowhere near the same resistances. This gives you the advantage since you no longer have to worry about using the best tools. They are able to use the same dodge mechanics as you though so never allow yourself to be surrounded and you’ll be fine. Having mastered humans, you can now focus on more pressing matters such as those zombies trying to tear your neck open.

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