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Dragon Age: Inquisition’s New Patch Announced, Change Your Inquisitor


Dragon Age: Inquisition’s New Patch Announced, Change Your Inquisitor

Now you won’t have to begin the game again because you chose the wrong hair color.

Bioware’s plan of keeping Dragon Age: Inquisition up-to-date and in continuous improvement is proving to be real. As if this wasn’t good enough, devs have been paying a lot of attention to players’ feedback, which is a huge thing. It’s in this line that a new procedure will be implemented soon: the Patch 5 beta program.

What does this mean? Upcoming Patch 5 will be previously tested by a group of select PC players in a closed environment. The stated reasons for this new method are two: obtaining quicker and more direct feedback, and getting players and developers to work in a much closer relationship. It’s a nice turn of things for the whole Dragon Age community, since this will assure new patches work as intended at the time of release.

Concerning Patch 5, the biggest released to date, Dragon Age: Inquisition fans sure have reasons to be excited since it’s mostly centered on the community’s own requests and concerns. First of all, the Black Emporium is coming back. Fans who played Dragon Age 2 will remember this as a pretty creepy market in which not only special and powerful items can be bought, but also characters’ looks (and voice) can be changed. No more suffering because your Inquisitor looks like a child or because you just got sick of his/her ridiculous bangs. Additionally, players will also have the ability to color their armors.

One of the big community requests taken into account is the inclusion of party storage in Skyhold. Players fond of their legendary or cool-looking items will be able to store them without sacrificing inventory space. Despite being a non-essential feature, this does matter for the more RPG-centered experience in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Moreover, these small changes are what really highlights how Bioware is really listening to its fans.

Patch 5 will also improve Dragon Age: Inquisition in other more technical aspects which are further listed in the game’s official site.

Besides knowing that Bioware keeps committed to improving its latest game, fans can also be excited by the way things are being done. Even if they can’t access the Patch 5 beta program as one of the selected players, they’ll certainly rest assured every new addition to Dragon Age: Inquisition will work in the best way possible. Good news all around.

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