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This Is How DayZ Gamers Respond to Sexual Harrassment


This Is How DayZ Gamers Respond to Sexual Harrassment

Moral of the story: don’t be a toolbag.

Because it still seems the point is lost on some people out there, a public service announcement: stop sexually harassing people through video games. It’s gross, stupid, immature, and embarrassing for yourself. Yes, this even applies in the context of roleplay in DayZ, the post-apocalyptic do-as-you-please zombie game, where kidnapping and extreme physical abuse is surprisingly commonplace. Some people have even live tweeted their entire DayZ kidnapping ordeals in game once they have lost control of their character, like some surreal diary of a prisoner of war. Regardless, hearing sexually harassing and rape comments is just cringe worth, and even if it’s just “a joke” or roleplay for DayZ, it’s not cool.

Such was the experience of Kiwo, who plays a lot of DayZ, as well as H1Z1 and Arma 3. While wandering through the city of Elektro, she met two other players. She only had a broom and a pack of supplies, and was likely in no mood for combat with the others who were decked out with firearms. The group apparently exchanged words, but upon hearing that Kiwo was a woman, the two mens’ ears perked up and began accosting her off camera. Wanting to capture the DayZ moment for YouTube, Kiwo hit the record button. The rest is now history of why you don’t talk shit in video games.

Angry and fed up with the two, she knocks out the initiator with a single broom strike, immediately takes his shotgun, and begins firing shots at the second man. The other, in sheer panic – despite being well armed – retreats from the scene as fast as he can. In no mood to continue the fight, Kiwo returns to the unconscious first gamer, aims his own weapon at his head, and pulls the trigger to execute him. She takes his extra shotgun shells before trotting away and letting the friend she had on her Skype call know about her escapade.

Moral of the story: don’t be a toolbag in DayZ.

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