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Battlefield Hardline Beta Infographic Shows Off Stats


Battlefield Hardline Beta Infographic Shows Off Stats

Over $527 billion was spent in game over the short period of time.

A little earlier, Electronic Arts and Visceral Games unveiled an infographic which details an absolute buttload of information about what happened in the most recent Battlefield Hardline beta.

Some of the statistics are frankly mind boggling to comprehend. A grand total of 7 million people got themselves involved in the Battlefield Hardline beta program this time around, a number which many new release games would murder to achieve. Not only that, some of the cash-based statistics are quite impressive.

Around $2.8 billion was stolen in the game’s Heist and Bank Job modes. That’s enough to give every single person in the world $0.25 or probably enough to help bring an ailing country like Greece out of its recent problems. Failing that, the money could be used to buy two brand new fighter jets. As far as classes go, 55% of players decided to play as the Operator, with the Enforcer variant only bringing in 6% of players.

In total, players earned an absolutely whopping $527 billion. To put it into perspective, that’s the amount that was actually budgeted to the Pentagon for use in 2013 for all of the American armed forces. Law triumphed over the criminal element 57% of the time, even though 3.8 million vaults were busted during the time Battlefield Hardline was available for players to enjoy.

For the car criminals out there, Battlefield Hardline brings along the statistic of 38 million cars being hotwired, with 21 million being taken down. Look at the inverse and you’ve got 17 million hotwired vehicles that made a clean getaway.

The full infographic can be found here. Did you get involved in the Battlefield Hardline beta? Did you think it was a good taster of a great upcoming experience, or a little bit on the side of weakness? Let us know your thoughts on the franchise or just Battlefield Hardline in that little white comments box down below.

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