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Anthony Burch Leaves Gearbox


Anthony Burch Leaves Gearbox

We will miss your sly wit, good sir!

The famed lead writer of Borderlands 2, Anthony Burch, has decided to turn in his resignation with Gearbox Software. After a long participation with Gearbox games, Burch will instead be working on a Hulu-exclusive television show alongside YouTube famed Freddie Wong, who created Video Game High School, a comedy series on YouTube and now on Netflix, among other distributors.

Burch can most easily be distinguished by the quick wit of characters throughout the Borderlands story, most notably the hilarious (and at times controversial)  dialogue of Tiny Tina, who was voiced by Burch’s own sister, Ashly Burch. Burch’s work with the franchise will be dearly missed, as a great deal of the appeal in the Borderlands series is the quirky nature of the dialogue and characters look and feel. Wacky design has thus been par for the course, like the huge DLC expansion Assault on Dragon’s Keep which changed narration styles and used a quirky tabletop format to poke some meta fun at the Borderlands series.

Anthony Burch may be leaving game’s media, but working on a TV show isn’t too far out of his skillset. Burch is also notable in the gaming scene for his involvement in Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’, a series of shorts featured on GameTrailers with himself, Ashly, and their family, centered around whatever topical video game was chosen for the week. The lightning-paced banter and speedy scene changes lent the series to a unique brand of comedy that few others have aimed to achieve, with a snarky and happily devious and crass wordplay that could always result in a quick laugh. His return to a structured film style should be well, and mixed with the comedic and cinematographic talents of Freddie Wong’s team, only good things are destined from the yet unnamed series. Fortunately, this is not the last time we’ll hear about Mr. Burch in the gaming sphere, as he confirms on his Twitter.

Sad to see you go, especially for any future Borderlands that may debut. As Anthony Burch busies himself with his new writing roles in Hollywood, others can catch the voice-acting of Ashly Burch in her new and ongoing role as Chloe in Life is Strange. Or you can lament alongside Burch on the last thing he wrote for the Borderlands series.

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