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8 Video Game Crossover Couples You’ll Totally Love


8 Video Game Crossover Couples You’ll Totally Love

Video games aren’t always good when it comes to love. So we decided to help these characters find love and bring them happiness. Complete with ship names!

Ajay Ghale/Jason Brody/Lara Croft

It’s said that you should fall in love with someone who you have something in common with. In the case of Ajay, Jason, and Lara, they’ve all got plenty in common. Each of them have been trapped on a beautiful island at some point trying to rescue their friends (or in Ajay’s case, find out what the hell Lakshmana is). Also, all three of them have murdered enough animals to send everyone at PETA into cardiac arrest.

They can spend their evenings having romantic murder sprees in the Cayman Islands, skinning any animal that looks at them funny, and taking enough drugs to make Keith Richards pass out. And then when they’re done, they can get some therapy. Lots of therapy. They should also probably make sure that Jason gets on the boat first when they leave the island. Always put the most dangerous one in the front.

Ship Name: Thrillseeker

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