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6 Things Video Games Do That Are Actually Super Weird


6 Things Video Games Do That Are Actually Super Weird

Would any other industry do this?

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Purchasable Skin Packs in Retail Games


Skins for characters or weapons in games is nothing new. At the very least, they’re always good for a laugh or a few “oh, that’s cool” moments before switching back to the default. But then there are situations like what Evolve is doing. The various monster and class skin packs that you see above, when priced together, add up to $60.89, aka the entire damn game before tax.

No other industry does this; imagine if movie theaters started charging an extra $5 during Marvel movies for you to watch the post-credits epilogue, and then another $5 to watch the end credits scene. And keep in mind that this is just for the game as it’s out on day one. With this starting point, DLC in the future will charge you to download it and then another charge to actually play it. On that note…

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