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The 6 Greatest Mustaches in Video Games


The 6 Greatest Mustaches in Video Games

Mustache Cashstache!

Sir Galahad (The Order: 1886)

That is indeed one handsome ‘stache.

Sir Galahad is one of the main protagonists in Ready At Dawn’s upcoming The Order: 1886. One of the PlayStation 4’s exclusive games to release in 2015, The Order: 1886 places you in the shoes of a Knight of The Order as you battle the supernatural forces that threaten humanity. Rife with alternate history, intriguing weapons, and a deep plot, it aims to bring some truly great things to the third person shooter genre. One of the great things it brings along happens to be some of the best facial hair ever seen in video games.

With his large sideburns, small goatee, and thick well maintained mustache, Sir Galahad has one of the best arrangements of facial hair in games. It commands respect, adds some character, and must really intimidate all those lycanthropic enemies he will come across when the game releases later this week. It is a thing of beauty that sets a whole new standard for mustaches everywhere. But, Sir Galahad isn’t the first mustachioed character to leave his mark on the video game world. There have been many who came before, and their facial hair was indeed marvelous.

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