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5 Features the Next Saints Row Should Borrow From GTA V


5 Features the Next Saints Row Should Borrow From GTA V

What should Saint’s Row steal… I mean, learn from Grand Theft Auto V?

First Person Perspective

Imagine all of Saints Rows’ wackiness in first person, closer than ever. Now, in all truthfulness they are very similar games but Saints Row has gone out of its way to be… unique, to say the least, but how would all of that change with a first person perspective in Saints Row? For example take Saint’s Row IV’s super powers, how would they look in first person? The super sprint would certainly make many people nauseous.

The best bit of all would be the side missions, or activities as they call them. Insurance fraud anyone? That would be without a doubt one of the craziest experiences in video game history. If you thought rolling a plane in Grand Theft Auto V was crazy, just picture repeatedly being sent 30 feet into the sky as you rack up a high score.

In Grand Theft Auto V the recent addition of the first person perspective really gave the game some verisimilitude. The level of immersion implemented by this feature is outstanding and gives the player a closer look and connection to the crazy, homicidal, criminally insane goings on in Grand Theft Auto V. Plus it added an extra angle to experience those incredibly gorgeous graphics.

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