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5 of the Best PS2 RPGs You Can’t Miss Out On


5 of the Best PS2 RPGs You Can’t Miss Out On

The PS2 was the king of RPGs. Did your favorite RPG make the list?

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X was an incredibly important chapter in the franchise. It introduced voice acting in the series and had a phenomenal combat system. It was recently re-released in HD and seems to have aged like a fine wine. However, for some, it was the beginning of the end. The one downside people had was that it was apparently the last great Final Fantasy installment in the franchise, as the titles that came after that were mediocre. Not to mention, the train-wreck that was every game with 13 in the title, leaving many hoping for a brighter future. Final Fantasy X was a definitive RPG for a console that seemed to be made to play amazing RPGs.

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