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4 Games That Should Never Have Sequels


4 Games That Should Never Have Sequels

Some incredible games have been released and some are getting sequels. Here are a few that should never receive a new game…

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain received very positive reviews for its storytelling.

The spearhead of the Quantic Dream game development company, Heavy Rain was released to major success in 2010. Cinematic, emotional and dramatic, Heavy Rain gave players full control in a cinematic epic.

Mercilessly, the game would easily kill off any of the main characters depending on player decisions and would continue to flawlessly present several different endings and scenarios.

A sequel to Heavy Rain would have been difficult with the amount of possible endings. Due to how cinematic and deep the storyline was, a sequel would most likely have affected the franchise negatively.

Game designer David Cage has stated that told Sony there was not going to be a sequel to Heavy Rain and proceeded to explain how he wished to create experiences that were sincere and experimental. A follow-up would be too similar, as if watching the same movie several times in a row.

Heavy Rain, to many in retrospect, may merit a sequel, but perhaps a single powerful experience is enough on its own than to expand it further. Quantic Dream followed up Heavy Rain with Beyond: Two Souls which had several similar gameplay elements but in a whole new setting.

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