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Huge List of 2014's Local Multiplayer Titles Released


Huge List of 2014's Local Multiplayer Titles Released

Yay for on-couch gaming!

A lot of us look back on the days of the Gamecube and N64 with a yearning for splitscreen multiplayer in its purest form. It may seem like fewer and fewer games are coming out these days with local multiplayer options, but there is still a relatively healthy stream of titles for you to choose from. You don’t have to take our word for it though, since created a master list of 2014’s local multiplayer titles.

The list, which can be found here in the form of a giant Google doc spreadsheet, has over 200 titles on it. Each entry specifies what type of multiplayer you can expect (whether vs. or co-op), what platforms the game is available on, and the number of people that can play. You can look through the list whenever you’re feeling inspired and want to play games with your friends. There’s even a submission feature implemented on Localmultiplayer’s site in case one of your favorite multiplayer games of 2014 wasn’t listed.

For more on awesome multiplayer games, check out some of Twinfinite’s features for great games to play with your pals!

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