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The Witcher Battle Arena Is Up and Ready


The Witcher Battle Arena Is Up and Ready

Want to play the Witcher in the palm of your hand? You’ll be pleased to hear that their MOBA is ready to buy, all for the lovely price of free.

Looking forward to The Witcher III, but find the wait to be too long or the PC specs too painful? Good news, then: CD Projekt Red and Fuero Games have now released their MOBA The Witcher Battle Arena for iOS and Android devices, just like they said. Currently, there’s the classic one-lane mode, but that doesn’t mean more modes won’t come later. At E3, project manager Tadek Zielinski had this to say:

“We will have different modes in the future. There will be a monster-hunting mode, kind of an isometric multiplayer. There will be a boss mode, where you will be able to fight the bosses – that will be purely a (player verses enemy) experience. And we are thinking of other competitive modes. We have a classic one-lane MOBA experience with towers, but we have a different approach because we don’t want to have minions, we don’t want to have farming.”

The Witcher Battle Arena is free to play and has in-app purchases, but don’t worry. You can unlock the content just by playing the game as well. Go forth and slay demons, for the price of free!


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