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The Witcher 3's System Requirements Were Revealed and Twitter Cried


The Witcher 3's System Requirements Were Revealed and Twitter Cried

Let’s take a look at what Twitter thinks.

Unless you’ve been trapped under a high resolution rock for the past few hours, you’ll know that system requirements for Cd Projekt Red’s upcoming RPG The Witcher 3 have been unveiled. In short, they’re a little steep for many PC gamers. Some gamers even took to Twitter to share their delight/disdain for the rather extravagant minimum system specs needed to play The Witcher 3, let alone the recommended specs.

Of course you’ve got the people who are at least a little pleased to see the game requiring a pretty hefty rig.

 Then again it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

A little comedy manages to find its way into the PC component-checking furor.

It looks like some PC gamers are making their way to the current generation of consoles in light of these huge system requirements.

Some gamers are even looking to use The Witcher 3 as a benchmark like they did with The Witcher 2.



A handful of PC gamers are a little dumbstruck by the hefty requirements.

Even the founder of Positech Games got in on the action.


Is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt a little too rich for your PC’s blood? Are you going to be taking the decision to play this staple PC RPG of the past on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Let us know in the comments down below.

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