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WildStar Devs Pledge to Make Game More Fun and Less Grindy


WildStar Devs Pledge to Make Game More Fun and Less Grindy

WildStar has lots of goals for 2015 one of which is to be a more fun, and less grindy game

Mike Donatelli, product manager for the sci-fi MMO WildStar, has outlined a list of goals for the future of the game heading into 2015. Most notably, Donatelli reveals that they are listening to player feedback and are focusing on making WildStar a “more fun, less grindy, game.”

Over the last few weeks, it has been awesome to see key aspects of the game, such as the soundtrack and our action combat system, gain best-in-class recognition. However, while the awards are great, we also recognize there are important areas where we can, and must, do better in 2015 — and we are.

Moving forward, the team has a clear and fixed focus:

  1. We will encourage and listen carefully to your – the player’s – feedback and focus development on making WildStar a more fun, less grindy, game.
  2. We will make these updates with both present and future players in mind, to support a multitude of play styles, durations, group sizes and levels.
  3. We will invest in, enhance, and grow this game.

Keeping a MMO fresh and fun, but also addictive, whilst minimizing grind is something of a golden goose for MMO developers. You don’t want to make your game a grindfest, but at the same time there needs to be something there to keep players in it for the long haul. Developers can only create new content so quickly, and many have resorted to grind based gameplay and restrictions to help slow players progress down until the next patch or update.

Other big WildStar additions planned for 2015 include more solo and group content, revamping the customization system and improving the Elder game experience. In addition to the big picture changes, the full announcement which you can read right here, also includes plans for the next update, The Protogames Initiative. Are you a WildStar player? Tell us what you thought about 2014 in the comments.


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