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5 Games Begging for VR Support


5 Games Begging for VR Support

Think of the things we might see in 2015. Now think of the things you want see in virtual reality. Now read this feature and see if we had the same thoughts.

Grand Theft Auto V


Now that GTA V has been updated with a very entertaining and hilarious first person mode, virtual reality support would make it one hell of a ride. Imagine running and gunning with Trevor, cruising in Franklin’s sweet ride or visiting strip clubs in glorious 3D. Not to mention the experience it would be online. Just think of all that wacky mayhem happening right before your eyes.

It’s fair to assume though that Rockstar may not want to invest time in developing support for virtual reality for a game they have released twice already, although they did surprise us with that first person mode, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility. And even if Rockstar doesn’t, some crazy modder out there somewhere will probably try.

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