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[UPDATED] Uncharted 4 on Amazon for $43.40


[UPDATED] Uncharted 4 on Amazon for $43.40

Amazon price matches a Wal-Mart Pricing error, and everyone wins!

In an attempt to be the best retailer around, it appears as though Amazon has price matched Wal-Mart’s pricing error for a full, physical copy of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End for the low price of $43.40. For those looking to pick it up, this is a steal. And for those unaware, Amazon typically sticks to all of it’s pricing, even if it is an error. So pick this up before it is gone forever.

Uncharted 4,

A Thief’s End for $43.40? What a steal!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Amazon Pre-Order – $43.40

For those unaware, Amazon has their low-price guarantee, meaning: if the pre-order drops any further, they will give you the lowest listed price (though this is undoubtedly the lowest price), and Amazon will not charge the card on file until the game ships. So if through some contest of will, Amazon does not in fact honor this pricing error, you will be able to cancel the purchase altogether. Meaning, you win either way.

[UPDATE] Amazon has recognized the price-error and adjusted the pre-order back up to full price. Such is life.


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