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5 Reasons Why Ubisoft's Reputation May Be Doomed in 2015


5 Reasons Why Ubisoft's Reputation May Be Doomed in 2015

Ubisoft pushed its fans’ limits during 2014; now, making things right in 2015 is a necessity if it wants to keep in bussiness.

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The Mystery of The Division

The Division

Only time will tell if Ubisoft’s marketing of The Division will turn out to be another way of tricking people into buying something they don’t know about. Ever since this once-exciting title was announced, the lack of specific information and proper gameplay mechanics passed from teasing curiosity to being plainly annoying.

Would someone really risk pre-ordering a game like this? The game looks slightly interesting and the posthuomous Tom Clancy’s reputation is a very powerful addition. Nevertheless, Ubisoft is no longer worth of trust. The fact is that nobody knows what The Division is exactly. It could be somewhere between DayZ and Destiny, and we’d be fooled until the very last day.

Moreover, the game’s genre and gameplay style aren’t the only things unknown here. As it is, the odds that it will be broken at the time of release are so high it’s scary. If the general recommendation is to wait until professional reviews have been issued for every Ubisoft game, it’s even more important for The Division. A situation as sad as possible for a title that could possibly be a game-changer.

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