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Twitter Reacts to the Smite World Championship


Twitter Reacts to the Smite World Championship

Hi-Rez Studios’ 3rd-person MOBA Smite has been having its world championship all weekend over in Atlanta, Georgia. With a prize pool in the $2 million range and a supportive player base, plenty of people have been hyped for the final few matches on Sunday. If you’re not familiar with Smite, it’s a lot like your traditional MOBA except for its third-person perspective. The competitive teams play on a 5v5 map with the traditional dual-lane, two solo-lane, and jungler setup. 8 regions are participating in the World Championship for the $1.3 million grand prize. Here’s a roundup of tweets and reactions to the final matches of the championship.

If there’s one thing plenty of people agree on (our staff included), it’s how fun Smite is

Zap’s Apollo play was insane

The anticipation is palpable

Some of these games have been extremely one-sided

He’s been smiling the whole time

That spiffy OMG jacket is definitely worth the effort

They’ve definitely been keeping it interesting!

… And Apollo ALWAYS goes HAM

Hopefully an infinite amount

The production has been awesome!

Basically sums everything up

So there you have it folks! The Smite World Championship has done a lot to advance another eSport a midst the League of Legends and Dotas of the world. What are your thoughts on Hi-Rez Studios’ MOBA? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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