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Try These 6 New Visual Novels on Steam and be Blown Away


Try These 6 New Visual Novels on Steam and be Blown Away

Steam’s been releasing visual novels like crazy in the past couple weeks. Here are 6 of the best you can’t afford to pass up.

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Don’t be fooled by the bright colors and seemingly innocent atmosphere of this one. HuniePop on Steam is but an all-ages version of a very adult game available on Mangagamer (site NSFW). Complete with an immersive dating sim, match-3 puzzle system, and a visual novel presentation HuniePop is definitely a unique game. It’s also a successfully funded KickStarter drive from November 2013. It promised originally to deliver by the end of 2014, but a month’s tardiness is still pretty impressive.

HuniePop has a very Western feel to is as a visual novel. Despite the anime style of the game, the voice acting is entirely in English and from the demo videos doesn’t feel awkward at all. It’s available now on Steam, but if you’re looking for a steamier version you can grab the title from Mangagamer or HuniePop directly (homepage is okay, but there are NSFW links).

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