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Trials Fusion's Online Multiplayer is Now Available


Trials Fusion's Online Multiplayer is Now Available

Trials Fusion now officially has online multiplayer as apart of a free download that was released today.

The game now allows Xbox 360 users to play with up to four people, and up to eight people on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The new download offers three different multiplayer modes and full character customization. Ubisoft’s blog announced that they are:

Online X-Supercross puts up to eight players on two random tracks, racing two rounds on each track. The winner is the racer with the highest overall score.

Private Games lets up to eight racers pick a track and customize the parameters of the race. You’ll be able to tweak the track’s gravity, modify bike speed or even invert the bikes’ controls.

Finally, those who take part in the PC multiplayer beta will be able to check out Private Games with Spectators. If you’d rather just watch a few races or broadcast them via streaming platforms, this will be the mode for you. Set all the rules of the race, pick the track, invite up to eight people to take part, and just sit back and watch the race play out.

Finally, Trials Fusion‘s fourth downloadable content pack will be available on January 27.


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