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Smite Guide: How to Build Chang'e


Smite Guide: How to Build Chang'e

Chang’e, the lane-hogging mistress of Smite.

Chang’e Smite Build Guide


Chang’e is a strange character, even among the weird and wonderful gods paraded across our screens in Smite. She doesn’t have a great deal of basic power, but she can stick around causing trouble like a bad smell. She’s a mage who deals (surprise, surprise) magical damage at range. That being said, the range on all but one of her in-hand abilities is pretty poor. So she’s a mage that likes to get up close and personal. Chang’e even has a little pet which gives her a unique advantage in Smite. She can send it off to buy items for her.

This opens up a whole new avenue of gameplay for the Chang’e player. When we usually look at Smite builds, they have within them an assumption that you’ll be going back to base to upgrade your items. Chang’e doesn’t have to go back to the base, making her a tricky customer to deal with in Smite‘s lanes. She can just dance around shooting stuff to farm gold then has enough damaging capability in her pockets to dish out some terrible hurt on unworthy gods. Chang’e even has a heal under her belt and a skill that allows her to avoid any ability, but we’ll get to that.

Chang’e’s other passive ability makes one of the most difficult aspects of Smite, movement, a little easier to deal with. Whenever she uses a Dance ability (of which there are three) her speed is increased by a small amount. This small boost can mean the difference between life and death in tight situations. She makes for a surprisingly good ambush harrasser if played correctly. Then again, if played poorly, she can make for a great red pool on the floor next to someone’s axe.

That’s why this guide is here. Building a character up in Smite, also known as a Smite Build (imaginative, I know) is one of those things everyone has a way to obsess over when they get deep into the game. So let this handy little guide to getting the right Chang’e Smite Build for you take your hand and show you the way.

Not through the medium of dance don’t worry.

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, then we have a page dedicated to skills, using said skills, and the items that a Chang’e player should look at purchasing.


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