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SMITE Begins Sign Ups for Xbox One Beta


SMITE Begins Sign Ups for Xbox One Beta

Sign ups for the Xbox One version of the popular MOBA SMITE, have officially begun. Get in while you still can.

MOBAs, despite their popularity on PC, haven’t seen much action on consoles. All that might all change however with the SMITE beta for Xbox One. Sign ups to opt into the beta are available now.

This is an exciting time for SMITE fans and the MOBA genre as a whole. With the recent success of its Esports scene, this may be a chance to bring some non-FPS related Esports to consoles. Could the next SMITE World Championship include the Xbox One? How would that work with the two different controllers? Would you have one for PC and one for Xbox One? Or bunch them both together? All valid questions that we don’t have answers for yet.

Either way SMITE has the potential to change the landscape for Esports on consoles. We can hope that it is for the better, as Esports, even with all of its huge prize pools, still has lots of room to expand.  The beta is aiming for an early 2015 release, and fortunately current PC players can carry over their progress to the Xbox One.

Do you think SMITE’s Xbox One beta will have big impact on e-sports and MOBAs? Let us know in the comments!

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