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Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Guide – How to Prosper in Hell & Mayhem


Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Guide – How to Prosper in Hell & Mayhem

Welcome to hell!

New to Hell? Get A Lay of the Land

gat out of hell

Learn the city of New Hades so you can avoid threats such as these live power lines. What are they even powering anyway?

Saints Row: Gat out of hell is the latest expansion to 2013’s Saints Row IV. This time instead of dealing with an alien invasion you are tasked with delving into the bowels of hell in order to save your beloved boss. Take control of Johnny Gat and Kenzie Kensington as you fly through New Hades and bring the fight to Satan himself. You will of course need to learn your way around first.

Chances are that you’ve played a Saints Row game before, but if you haven’t you may have realized that the world pretty much opens itself up from the very beginning. Use this to your advantage and do some reconnaissance. Fly around and explore the highs and lows that New Hades has to offer in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. Take the time to locate gun shops to get your armory stocked as well. This will give you the advantage later on when you’re trying to gather collectibles, or just have some fun practicing your new flight powers.

While you’re at it be sure to watch out for dangers to handsome, winged devils like yourself. Stripped power lines, lava geysers, and flaming waterfalls are just a few threats you will need to keep watch for in the sky. Learn them so they don’t impede a much needed escape further down the line.

While the new world crafted in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell isn’t the largest open world out there, all of the nooks and crannies add a level of depth that some games just don’t have. It’s better to know them now than to run into them later.

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