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Rock Band Getting New DLC After Nearly 2 Years.


Rock Band Getting New DLC After Nearly 2 Years.

ROCK ON! Music isn’t quite dead it seems, just took a holiday.

The music is back! After roughly 21 months of silence, Harmonix announced that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Rock Band 3 will be getting new music. This may come as a surprise to most everyone, but that’s the greatness of music, there is always more. Three tracks will be released tomorrow, Jan. 13 (and Jan. 21 in the UK). Including the debut of the Arctic Monkeys in the Rock Band archives.

Arctic Monkeys – “Are You Mine?”

Avenged Sevenfold – “Shepherds of Fire”

Foo Fighters – “Something from Nothing”

This is a promising step forward for Harmonix and Rock Band, as it may be alluding to more music production in the DLC section, if not development of a new game.

Although some may be scratching their heads at the music choice, no one can deny that after so long it will be nice to have some driving, challenging DLC in Rock Band that will allow for a lot of replay value, as opposed to more iconic, but duller songs that you really just don’t want to play.

Either way this is interesting news to say the least, as you could pick it apart and make a few different conclusions. Does this have anything to do with rumors that the studio is simply waiting for the right time to bring the party game back?


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