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Quantic Dream Teases New Game With Mysterious Website


Quantic Dream Teases New Game With Mysterious Website

Is a new interactive story in the works?

A mysterious website has shown up in recent days, and it didn’t take long for the internet to figure out what it was. In the early weeks of December, Quantic Dream announced that they would have “great news” in January of 2015. Fast forward to today, and this site appears. It contains a countdown to January 28 and cryptic text that looks eerily similar to Indigo Prophecy, the Quantic Dream game released in 2005. The website was registered in France, home of Quantic Dream, and is under the name, “A Chilling Feeling,” which is a direct quote from Indigo Prophecywhich states that guilt is “a chilling feeling.”

The question is, however, will the studio release a sequel to the 2005 PS2 release? Or will it simply be an HD remake optimizing the powerful PlayStation engine? It is safe to assume that these questions, as well as many more, will be answered when the countdown reaches zero in just over a week. Knowing the past experiences of Quantic Dream and director David Cage, it will be an incredibly hyped announcement of what they have in the works, leading to much speculation and excitement for another release in a much anticipated year in AAA gaming. One way or another, it is sure to be an experience, much like anything involving Quantic Dream.

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