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The New Gamevice Controller for iPad Has Been Unveiled


The New Gamevice Controller for iPad Has Been Unveiled

Gaming on tablets is becoming more prevalent with a high frequency of exclusive titles and ports making there way to the Platform. Gamevice is looking to capitalize on this growing market with its current generation inspired controller.

The Gamevice mimics the structure of a Wii U Gamepad cross with the aesthetic of the Xbox One Controller. It features dual analog sticks, back trigger buttons and a classic D-pad that has been the industry standard for years. It can be collapse for easy storage and will be compatible with all generations of iPad Air and iPad Mini and will retail at $99 at its schedule release in March.

The team behind the controller claims that, “With Gamevice, any iPad becomes the most powerful gaming handheld in the world.” They intend to pull people away from the 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Making mobile devices the main destination for on the go gaming. Their main selling point is that the controller is cost effective. Saying that games are often cheaper on mobile platforms than their console counterparts. Along with allowing  you to play them on any iOS powered device. Gamevice claims more games will become compatible as time goes on, and that their control scheme works more efficiently  mobile titles

The controller will support popular titles including BioShock, Bastion, The Walking Dead, Call of Duty: Strike Team, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas along with hundreds of other titles on iOS. A version for Windows and Android tablets are currently in development and are expected to release later in the year.

Will you be using the controller on your own iPad or are you already happy with another peripheral that you use with the same function? Maybe you don’t see any of these controllers as being worthwhile for tablet gaming. Let us know in the comments box below.

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