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Jennifer Hale Hosting Guild Wars 2 Panel at PAX South


Jennifer Hale Hosting Guild Wars 2 Panel at PAX South

Get excited. If you’re going to the Guild Wars 2 panel at PAX South this weekend, your host will be FemShep herself.

In case you forgotGuild Wars 2 will have a presence at PAX South this weekend. The Guild Wars 2: Point of No Return panel will possibly have an announcement regarding their next expansion. And even if it doesn’t, it’ll be great to watch because prolific voice actress and gaming icon Jennifer Hale will be hosting. Players of Guild Wars 2 may recognize her as Queen Jennah, and if you don’t play it, you may recognize her from pretty much every other video game ever. She’ll be hosting the Twitch livestream of the panel free to watch for those of us unable to get to PAX.

Just to make things better, ArenaNet has decided to make Guild Wars 2 $9.99 for Saturday and Sunday, making it the biggest sale for the game to date. In-game characters will be given sales on boosters and a double XP booster that’ll last through the weekend.


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