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[Updated] Indie Developer Explodes After Celebrity Plays His Demo


[Updated] Indie Developer Explodes After Celebrity Plays His Demo

Which Hollywood big shot is kick starting a relatively unknown indie developer’s career by endorsing his demo?

Okay, not literally. There is not pieces of him decorating the walls. Figuratively, his popularity sky rocketed after, supposedly, the prince of Bel-Air himself played a demo of his game. The indie developer in question is a man that goes by the name Strider Agostinelli, who lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Posting his story on the popular image sharing site, Imgur, he talks about how they have “got investors practically throwing money at them and they have to make a full game before April.” After telling us the following, “He is a video game designer and he just got the word that a major celebrity played a demo of a game he created.” He then goes on to joke about how his working routine will change by saying “he now gets to spend 16 hour days in front a computer screen…. oh wait, that part is the same.”

The hint that leads us to believe that Will Smith graced this man’s game with his presence is in the title, “My life just got flipped, turned upside down,” which is a popular line from the introduction music of Will Smith’s first inconic television role in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

On a side note, the use of Strider’s referencing is impeccable. He referenced, what many would say, Will Smith’s first break through in his career, which is exactly what is happening to himself. We should all hope for the best in Strider’s budding career and keep our eyes peeled for the indie game that tickled one of Hollywood’s greatest.

UPDATE: We have confirmation the celebrity in question is not in fact Will Smith, and that kind of makes the video pointless. This will surely be a sad turn of events for many, but who is the celebrity?

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