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Heroes of the Storm Beta Adds Founder's Pack Access


Heroes of the Storm Beta Adds Founder's Pack Access

Today Blizzard released a new way to enter Heroes of the Storm, with a $39.99 purchase.

If you’ve been waiting for access to Blizzard Entertainment’s upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm, your time has come.

Today Blizzard released a new way to enter the game with a $39.99 purchase.

The bundle includes beta access, 2,500 in-game gold, heroes Diablo, Tyrande, and Raynor, all with unique skins, as well as the Golden Cyber Wolf mount.

While some might balk at Blizzard adding a paid access option to a free-to-play game, the pack does have reasonable value when compared to purchasing those items separately. For others, access to the game, which up until now has been extremely limited, will be enough.

Blizzard also released a video in conjunction with Carbot Animations, which makes several animated series set in the World of Warcraft and StarCraft universes.

Here’s Blizzard’s description of the bundle, with the product requirements below:

Prepare for battle deep within the Nexus, the swirling trans-dimensional storm at the heart of all Blizzard games. Whether you’re already in the Heroes of the Storm beta test or you’re a fresh recruit to the front lines, the Founder’s Pack is the perfect opportunity to enter a bold new realm of team-based hero brawls.

  • The Founder’s Pack price is not reduced if you already own items in the Founder’s Pack.
  • Can only be used in the Americas (includes AUS and NZ) and Southeast Asia.
  • Will carry over to the full version of Heroes of the Storm.
  • Quantity may be limited
  • Internet connection required
  •® registration and Desktop Application required to play



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