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H1Z1 Guide: How to Get Started


H1Z1 Guide: How to Get Started

Here is the ultimate beginners guide into the world of H1Z1…

H1Z1 Guide: The Ultimate Beginner’s Handbook


Welcome to H1Z1, the latest edition to the Zombie Survival Genre.

So you’ve played Rust, you’ve played DayZ and now are looking for another survival apocalyptic game to play. H1Z1 was announced in mid-2014 and was released on January 15th 2015 on Steam for Early Access. The ambitious zombie apocalyptic survival game focuses on player cooperation, crafting and changing environments to present a realistic experience for the player.

This is not an ordinary survival game, and the new concepts will confuse even the veterans of the genre. Despite the copious hours players have poured into DayZ and similar games, H1Z1 brings something more. There’s a great deal of new features, challenges and dangers shuffling into the mix of H1Z1.

Your aim is to survive, but everything in the world wants to kill you. From other players, zombies and even animals, you are in the center of a merciless food chain where death is literally around every corner. Nobody survives in a zombie apocalypse, but this guide may spare you a few more minutes of enjoyment before the undead get to you.

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