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The Greatest 5 Visual Novels of 2014 – Try Something New and Awesome


The Greatest 5 Visual Novels of 2014 – Try Something New and Awesome

2014 was a fantastic year for visual novels. Here are the best of the best; break into the wonderful, diverse world rife with tears, suspense, and romance.

5. World End Economica

World End Economica won’t teach you how to play the market, but it makes it incredibly entertaining without sacrificing too much realism.

This is a game that stretches the limits of what justifies being called a game. There aren’t exactly choices. There isn’t really much interaction beyong clicking to advance the story. But World End Economica is a suberb story told in the visual novel medium. Featuring a young man taking on the greed of the world, it’s quite the coming-of-age tale.

Only the first episode of three, World End Economica is also featured in the anime sale. It heavily draws on economics as a theme, particularly the stock market. For this one, emotional depth and major characterization are the keys. If you’re looking for a well-written game and a gateway into the world of visual novels, this might be your choice. With a youthful yet relatable protagonist and superb art and writing, World End Economica is a great blend of romance, economics, and sci-fi.

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