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Grand Theft Auto V's PC Version Gets Amazing Pre Purchase Bonuses


Grand Theft Auto V's PC Version Gets Amazing Pre Purchase Bonuses

Grand Theft Auto V’s PC version is around the corner and, despite delays and changes, pre purchase bonuses seem to indicate this time it’s for real.

Sometimes Grand Theft Auto V’s PC version seems like a legend, much like the end of the world: miscalculations, mistakes, mystery, and even delays are all over the place. The only thing eager PC players can do is stick to the latest news and hope everything will finally work out for the best. Taking all of the previous into account, we shall take the following news as a good omen concerning the latest release date announced..

As stated by Rockstar and also showing on Steam, all Grand Theft Auto V PC version pre purchases made will get $1,000,000 in-game money (evenly divided between single player and online modes). Additionally, all pre purchases made by February 1 will get other $300,000 for Grand Theft Auto V Online. Finally, depending on where the pre purchase is made, customers will also get a free Rockstar game: buying on Steam will get you Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, while making the purchase on Rockstar’s Warehouse will let you choose from a variety of Rockstar titles.

Too much time has gone by and PC gamers really deserve to get a proper Grand Theft Auto V version. The game’s remake for new-gen consoles and PC is one of last year’s gaming highlights and we can only dream about how awesome the game may become when modders begin doing their magic.

For now, let’s just hope Rockstar can stick to their release date and deliver a decent port. Having pre purchase bonuses does make it all seem a lot more tangible. Moreover, there are lots of awesome releases coming this year, so I guess waiting a bit longer won’t be that terrible. As for now, Grand Theft Auto V’s PC version will be released in March 24 and, if you are a person of faith and high hopes, the pre purchase bonuses are pretty interesting.


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