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4 Gaming Platforms That Are Actually Really Confusing


4 Gaming Platforms That Are Actually Really Confusing

And you thought the New 3DS was confusing?

Xbox One

Xbox one

There have been three Microsoft consoles in 13 years. For some reason, the geniuses at Microsoft decided to call their third Xbox console the Xbox One, despite the clear indication that it’s not. While the Xbox 720 or hell, even the Xbox Two aren’t any better, they at least make some amount of sense. Then again, maybe it goes with the theme of Microsoft not knowing what the hell the Xbone did. First, it had to be always online, then it wasn’t; trying to put pre-owned games in the disc drive would cause the system to spit hot acid in your eyeballs, then they decided to make it cuddle you and read you bedtime stories. The message of the Xbox One has been a complete clusterfuck, and the name was just the start of it.

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