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Evolve Could Be This Year's Titanfall


Evolve Could Be This Year's Titanfall

A look at the reasons why Evolve will be the Titanfall of 2015, purchased by many but forgotten in time.


Will Turtle Rock’s Goliath stand tall against EA’s Titans?

Remember Titanfall? EA and Respawn Studio’s precious blockbuster baby that came out last year? Many may scratch the side of their head and recall a time when Titanfall was set to change the face of first-person shooters as we knew it. You may have even bought into the hype, letting a copy of the game sit on your dusty counter, or even more dusty, the halls of your Origin library.

Titanfall was meant to redefine shooters, and in a way, it did. Despite the game being a commercial success, the servers are modestly populated. Sure, one can hop on and find a game fairly quickly, but less than a year has passed since the release, and the game isn’t doing server numbers the way any major shooter has in the past. But why?

Content and price-point – the same issues that seem to plague Turtle Rock Studio’s Evolve even before its release.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why Evolve may be a commercial success but a virtual ghost town in less than a year, though this writer eagerly hopes that’s not the case.

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