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Evolve Season Pass Announced, Fourth Playable Monster Revealed


Evolve Season Pass Announced, Fourth Playable Monster Revealed

Four new hunters in the season pass. Free maps for all.

The monster-hunting game Evolve will be getting a season pass, 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios announced. The studio also revealed the fourth playable monster for the game.

The new monster, Behemoth, will be available for free in the Monster Expansion Pack if you pre-order Evolve. Alternatively, you can also purchase him separately at $14.99. Behemoth is boasted as the largest monster there is and ever will be in Evolve. While Behemoth cannot leap or jump due to his large size, he is capable of hurling magma at the hunters and act as a “rolling juggernaut”. You can read up more about the monster over at the game’s official website.

The season pass will be made available at the price of $24.99 and will include four new playable hunters and three exclusive monster skins. It was also announced on the game’s website that all future downloadable maps will be available to all players at no cost at all.

Evolve will be made available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on 10th February.

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