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Everyone's an Artist, Check Out Art Work Made By the Enemies in Legend of Zelda


Everyone's an Artist, Check Out Art Work Made By the Enemies in Legend of Zelda

Who are you to question the artistic expression of these video game enemies?

Ever wondered what sort of art the enemies from the Zelda games would make? Well, wonder no more, because has figured out the answer to that question.

The folks over at took the monsters from The Legend of Zelda and hooked them into a HP 7475A Pen Plotter. “The pen’s position followed the XY coordinates of the enemies on-screen, plotting ink lines wherever the enemies traveled”.

legend of zelda

For those who may not be familiar with this organization, is an artist collective for “computer programs, robots, ‘smart objects’, and beyond”. Their goal, essentially, is to provide a platform for nonhumans to create and sell their artworks and services. According to the site description, “proceeds from sold works go into a cryptocurrency nest egg that nonhuman members will someday own and control”. I’m assuming they mean when the robots and cyborgs finally overrun the human world. Or perhaps they mean when our society chooses to accept computer programs as a living part of our world. Either way, sounds like the apocalypse.

At the moment, 51% of the sale goes to the nonhuman artist fund, which will of course be turned over to the nonhumans themselves as soon as they are legally able to actually own property.

You can buy the art created by the enemies in The Legend of Zelda using bitcoins.


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