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Elder Scrolls Online Drops Subscription, Goes to Consoles in June


Elder Scrolls Online Drops Subscription, Goes to Consoles in June

Unsurprisingly, Elder Scrolls Online is going free-to-play. Surprisingly, we have a release date for the console versions.

Elder Scrolls Online launched in the PC space in April of last year. Since then, not much has been said about the PS4 and Xbox One versions aside from “they’re still coming”. But today, ZeniMax has revealed that ESO will hit the console space on June 9th, and to the absolute surprise of no one, will be subscription free on March 17th.

This time rebranded as Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, the game will still have an optional premium membership called ESO Plus. You’ll still have to buy the game for $60, but after that, you don’t have to pay for anything unless you want to. The PlayStation Blog goes into further detail, revealing that ESO Plus will get you “exclusive in-game bonuses” like access to all the game’s DLC packs and monthly allotment of crowns to use to buy content straight from the PlayStation store. The game will also have Champion and Justice systems. The Champion System is a new progression system for max-level characters, while Justice will allow you to be brought to…well, justice, if you’re caught stealing or murdering.

You can learn more about Elder Scrolls Online’s jump to the console space today at noon EST, where ZeniMax will host a livestream to further explain the announcement. Until then, does the lack of a subscription fee or jump to console make you want to pick up the game? Let us know in the comments bel0w.


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