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Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets a Third PC Patch, Walk Button Added


Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets a Third PC Patch, Walk Button Added

Bioware’s return to our lives with Dragon Age: Inquisition is an ongoing delivery of great RPG action, love, fixes, and updates.

It’s no secret Dragon Age: Inquisition was one of last year’s great surprises. Bioware’s big return to the RPG scene gave us a really great game. Even greater news is it keeps getting better. As announced before, Bioware will keep improving their latest game with additional fixes, features, and even content.

As part of this very ambitious plan, a new update called Patch 3 will be coming soon to resolve several issues. This third patch is mainly focused on fixing bugs, “particularly ones that blocked progression or hampered the player experience.” This includes solving issues with certain dialogues and cutscenes, preventing exploits, fixing camera malfunctions, correcting visual glitches and repairing broken quests.

Additionally, and as a direct consequence of paying attention to its fans’ feedback, Dragon Age: Inquisition now has an improved banter system. This fix will make dialogues more random, which will prevent extra-long periods of silence. Even though this may seem a bit unimportant, the banter system is actually a key way of developing character personalities in the Dragon Age series.

Other frequently requested changes that were made include a key binding for walking (for players who use keyboard and mouse), and push-to-talk functionality for the game’s multiplayer mode (which will avoid the necessity of third party software to control privacy).

Bioware has once again assured players it will keep improving Dragon Age: Inquisition. As always, I’ll say this is an awesome way to treat customers and I just can’t wait to find out what the new content will be about. Let Andraste bless the Inquisition.

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