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Depth Guide: Survive and Win as a Diver


Depth Guide: Survive and Win as a Diver

Don’t get chomped, get pumped with this handy diver’s guide to Depth.

Surviving as a Diver in Depth


As far as niche titles go, Depth should really come in as an incredibly tight one. The premise of Depth is simple and yet more beautiful for it. You’re a diver/shark and must thin out the opposition’s population before they do the same to you. There’s really little more to it than that. That does rather make Depth sound like a game which is so simply that anyone could pick it up though, right?

Well sort of. The “Us vs. Them” mentality in an online multiplayer title isn’t exactly new, but there are a few more nuances to Depth than other, more established games of a similar ilk. Within the game, there are two different modes you can dive into. See what we did there? We are not sorry.

Megalodon Hunt is an all-against-one mode where divers must work together in order to fell a mighty Megalodon, with the killer becoming the toothy behemoth itself. If you’re struggling to pull a similarity from games gone by, think of a reversed Hunter Mode from Crysis 3 or the Predator Hunt from 2010’s Aliens vs Predator.

Blood and Gold is the second and perhaps most innovative mode in Depth. A team of divers must defend a small deep sea exploration machine (named S.T.E.V.E) as it goes between several points before bringing it to the extraction point. This gameplay mode pits 4 Divers against 2 Sharks who are hellbent on devouring each diver as well as stopping S.T.E.V.E from completing its (his?) mission.

In Depth, divers are without a doubt the weaker of the two sides. So how are they supposed to win? Well, here’s a handy short guide to playing as a diver in Depth. Hopefully we won’t jump the shark with this one.

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