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Could 2015 Bring Us a Good Jurassic Park Game?


Could 2015 Bring Us a Good Jurassic Park Game?

In November of 1990 something amazing happened. Michael Crichton released his international best seller, Jurassic Park. Fast forward twenty four years and we still don’t have a video game that does it justice. Now they’re taking a crack at it again in Hollywood with the announcement of Jurassic World, which many around the world are pants-wetting excited for. So why don’t the developers of the world give it another shot?


To know what we want we need to look at what we have so naturally let us take a look at the games we have had so far. Since 1993, there have been Jurassic Park games released on consoles such as the NES, Game Boy, Super NES, PC:DOS and Amiga all the way to modern day PCs and the original Xbox. Now these games consist of mostly ‘side-scrollers’ like but there are at least two main attempts at making truly passionate video games in the Jurassic Park universe.

The first is Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis which, was a delightful game for the original Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC. The game is centered around the idea that you have to make your own park for dinosaurs in a very similar way to Zoo Tycoon. Now, once you get past the initial “Oh my god, I can kill visitors with dinosaurs!” fascination, the game actually presents some solid features such as balancing the prices of entry fees, souvenirs, food, etc. Rather than focusing upon the dinosaurs themselves, you’ll spend more time making the park profitable and also micromanaging your research teams and dig site teams to give the most up to date technology and the most outdated ‘dinos’.


Telltale Games took a serious run at the franchise by releasing a game in the same style of its own colossal series such as The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands. Unfortunately, Jurassic Park: The Game garnered a less than satisfactory reception from fans of both worlds upon release.

Many people felt that the game lacked the depth of character they had come to expect from Telltale and that both the story and setting were not brought to life like in the books and movies. One under lying problem with the game was that the quick time events were, ironically, too quick for a lot of players, causing players to distance themselves from the actual story. Telltale’s undoing in the game seemed to be how well they’ve done with those mentioned above . They delivered a mediocre game in the midst if too much hype.

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